Viper's The Two Castles


For the purposes of this page, “admin” is used to describe all three groups with power: Admins, Cops, and Trusted. The judgement of an admin takes precedence over any of the rules below.

Rejoining, for strategic purposes (such as recovering from a low score, or to get back to your base) is a reason for being banned. The first offense can get you banned directly, normally for a shorter time, but consider yourself warned.
Also, rejoining as an observer is not allowed. Wait for a player to leave before rejoining. With the scoreboard onscreen (by default toggled by "s"), the numbers of players in each team is on the far right of the screen. There is a maximum of 10 players on each team on this server.
The use of inappropriate language (even when spelt incorrectly) is in itself a reason for being banned. There is a filter on the server, but that doesn't give you the argument of “awe, is was filtered, who cares?”.
Some words are not allowed, but are not filted. Likewise, some words are filtered, but are allowed.
Don't insult people, whether it be calling them an idiot, stupid, or something more foul, it is not allowed. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
The server will automatically kick you once you have over 20% teamkills, with a minimum of 3 teamkills. The server will never ban you, but admins will. Warnings will normally be given, but when busy, or when it is clearly intentional, none may be given.
When you accidentally teamkill, a small “sorry” goes a long way.
The server has a single rule about camping: no camping at the enemy base with genocide.
A team with a few decent campers can do wonders for its score. If such issues arise, get your team together to take down the campers, one by one. Think ahead, look at the scoreboard, and talk to teammates.
We have a world weapon at the enemy base when you capture their flag, so being there for a flag capture is useless.
Uneven CTF
You may only capture the flag when within a green square!
That is to say, when the smaller team has:
When the teams are uneven, leave the enemy's flag alone.
Lag and Jit
Both lag and jit make you hard to kill, while the server will autokick you if you have over 300ms lag (there is no predefined limit on jit: it has to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis). You shouldn't rejoin without attempting to fix your lag, the only (practical) way is by quitting any other applications using the internet. If you persist on playing you may be kicked or banned by an admin.
Becoming an admin
We ask you (in other words, don't ask).