Most common search strings (2008-09-02)

causes of love29
rfc 3339 php25
geoffrey sneddon24
firefox text-shadow22
php rot4721
sports day speech20
php rfc333920
php rfc 333920
rot47 php19
rfc3339 php15
text-shadow firefox14
firefox text shadow13
menage a trois12
php rfc-333912
what causes love10
substr unicode10
rfc-3339 php10
take me to love10
text shadow firefox9
php date rfc 33398
etag w/8
love causes8
rot13 php8
love leads to hate7
"powered by habari"6
gecko text-shadow6
http parsing6
text-shadow firefox 25
gecko text shadow5
php date rfc-33395
php date rfc33395
take me to love5
sports day speeches4
powered by habari4
depressing adjectives4
text-shadow gecko4
etag "w/"4
http entity tag4
standard grade results 20084
emo qoutation4
homophobic insults4
auto key spam4
habari wordpress4
http entity tags4
entity tags4
glasgow airport arrivals4
geoffrey sneddon3
entity tag3
emo tone3
causes of emo3
menage trois3
refusing love3
nginx if-modified-since3
standard grade classical studies3
"love is hate"3
php rfc3339 date3
why does sexuality matter?3
how love leads to hate3
standard grade results 20073
school sports day speech3
tolerant http parsing3
entity tag http3
leaving wordpress3
emo poems about falling in love but you cant have them2
emo lust hearts2
legalising guns2
habari xhtml2
php rfc 33392
rfc3339 php2
why does everything annoy me?2
lust poem2
chm files ie82
rfc3339 dates php2
emo poem2
poem about putting the past behind2
love cause happiness2
\xfd unicode2
same software2
rot26 php2
causes of lust2
html5 webworkers2
gecko text shadow2
vb rfc33392
causes love2
gecko text-shadow2
ie8 doctype switch2
rot-47 encryption2
acid3 test2
php decode unicode2
php rfc 3339 date2
http etag quotation mark2
how to impliment a blog using xhtml2
dark emo poetry2
php pack unicode2
php unicode decode2
file_get_contents csv2
firefox shadow2
css3 border-radius2
fields of elysium help2
meme meter2
emo girls get hard fucked2
charset cp1250 header php2
php replace u+fffd2
gecko 1.8.12
love leads hate2
heavy emo poetry2
x-cache http header2
jonathan rascher2
ie8 application/xhtml+xml2
ie8 application/xhtml+xml2
firefox text-shadow2
the causes of love2
why wordpress2
art. 444 wib2
why love matters2
rfc 3339 parsing php2
green day bisexual2
wordpress fffd2
"geoffrey sneddon"2
zx_spectrum web server2
x-hacker header2
love is hate2
ie8 xhtml2
double rot132
tolerant request parsing2
firefox text shadow2
speeches on a sports day2
php fffd2
hate leads to love2
firefox support text-shadow2
gecko shadow2
sport day speech2
http etag quotes2
php parse csv one line at a time2
http public-extension header2
fffd php2
text-shadow firefox support2
speech for sports day2
x-pad http header2
ibm_http_server/ apache/2.0.472
http x-header2
http entity equivalent2
tunnel of darkness poem1
standard grade computing studies1
the though of you leave me in 3 month made weak poems1
cant get her out of my head poem1
do you need a partner to be happy1
key spam1
how long does it take to bleed to death from slitting wrists1
"sports day speech"1
show id _post in post plugin wordpress1
no one is 100 hetrosexual1
assumptions society makes about peoples sexuality1
does she fancy me1
"growing love"1
speech on sportsday1
end of day knife1
majority hetrosexual homosexual1
dislike of love1
the ones that are there at the end of the day are the ones that matter1
php date rfc 3339.1
etag: w1
how to deal with relative urls in php1
describe myself emo1
simplepie 1.0.1. script examples1
i want but i cant have poem1
does sexuality have a history1
resolve relative url php1
php get relative path1
girlfriend depends on you to be happy1
school sportsday and speech1
annual sports day speeches1
ufffd utf1
emo poems wikipedia1
i'll start making assumptions1
essay what grade i can deserve from english class.1
essay about shy friends1
"i desire you so"1
date command switches1
there aren't such things, poem1
why are the majority of people hetrosexuals ?1
php rfc-3339 date1
does love cause death1
green day homophobia1
annual sports day speech1
resolve relative-urls php1
ibook dead video1
decline in sexual attraction1
uncaught exception 'exception' with message 'string could not be parsed as xml1
emo stanza1
simplepie author encrpyted1
wordpress ?> top of page1
php "remove dot segments"1
php debatable topic1
why don't you desire me again poems1
rfc 33391
so much love, yet so much pain1
235 regent street1
alphabet base php1
quote entity tag1
how to get on tagged at school1
parsing http1
sportsday speech1
how long does it take to bleed to death of slit wrists1
but the only think you can't do is ignor them because they change the things1
why am i shy in new surroundings1
i love you emo poem1
love shyness causes1
too shy to ask her out1
`hgwebdir` object is not callable1
i hate hetrosexuals1
causes of happyness1
standard grade results online1
animal hetrosexuality1
rot13 php function1
nick momrik's most commented plugin1
my new love interest poem1
does it matter that he is bi?1
homosexuality to hetrosexuality1
strpos <input1
school speech day jokes1
php countdown to next birthday1
what is a hetrosexual person1
speeches on sports day1
should sexuality matter1
i'm too embarrassed to ask her1
how to overcome being lied to over and over again1
text-shadow, firefox 21
rfc 3339 php date format1
php "#[^0-9]#i"1
growing love1
can't get my mind off you poem1
unicode_encode php utf-81
menage tua literal translation1
"why love matters"1
jamie rees1
"dont go to finland"1
surrounded by people yet alone1
does love have a time-table1
php strpos before after1
x-guru header1
if my life experiences say im straight am i really?1
tunnel of darkness1
sqa standard grade results for 20071
emo poems about confusion1
fatal error: class 'simplexmlelement' not found1
sports day speeches1
shy to the people around them1
fgetcsv line breaks mac1
php when to use switch and when to use if else1
labelled sexuality1
php array countdown1
school starting later essays1
php convert unicode 2 byte1
depression +over the edge1
lighttpd windows-12511
gsnedders http1
blogs on being lied to1
unexpected quotation marks in utf-8 file1
how to overcome being lied to over and over1
i can't get you off my mind "poem"1
mentally pushed over the edge1
love causes hope1
unicode replacement character php1
entity tags http1
speech+sports day1
desire epilogue1
"why didn't i ask her"1
#304 unicode1
ob_start php firefox xhtml application1
http header set-cookie aolserver1
"xhtml" "add attributes"1
love matters most1
teenagers love matters1
double rot 131
"aaron spjut"1
emo love i kiss1
bravery and love1
standard grade french1
it truly has been a pleasure talking with you, too.1
hetrosexual homosexual experience1
"http parsing" regular expression1
firefox 2 text-shadow1
love matters poems1
php + substr + unicode1
we love ask you and fuck1
php remove u+fffd1
server http headers lasso/8 iis1
iis entity tags1
"search strings"1
so many emo people, take yourself together!1
never feel settled what is wrong homosexuality1
wp-comments-post.php freeze1
php basepath "relative path"1
speech for sports day in school1
emo extreame poetry1
firefox 2.0.11 gecko version1
what causes love1
php parse csv array linebreak1
green day insults1
what causes jealousy1
nginx http.header1
teens point of view on reincarnation1
speeches for sports day1
$diff php countdown days birthday1
ruby character set 'utf8' "is not a compiled character set"1
rot47 script1
php "rfc3339"1 synchrotech formac studio review1
geoffrey sneddon profile1
can emo lead to suicide?1
sqa standard grade latin translation past papers1
cannot bare to part with1
what causes love1
partner voor menage à trois1
rot47 function php1
why does people desire1
love causes madness1
treat as html pemberton sniffing1
cocoon http header1
death of james holderness1
causes of happiness1
get unicode php1
tree parsed html1
nncoection http header1
simplepie a feed could not be found1
she hates me poem1
fucked, "not literally"1
php strip u+fffd1
do hetrosexual man feel sexual attraction to man1
standard grade computing1
"if you're confused" talk to me poem love1
ie xhtml xml prologue1
etag rfc http w/ ie1
entity tag in http 1.11
why is sexuality1
emo stanza poems1
e-tag nginx1
emo quotion1
regent street apple store1
php return next letter alphabet1
embarrassment in love1
http 1.1 utf-8 token quoted-string1
php resolve relative url1
preg_match +"but not including"1
why is sexuality so important in society today?1
love emo poetry1
friends not sticking up for you1
does firefox support text shadow1
where do i get my standard grade results1
why love1
ask her out poem1
love cause pain1
standard grade french vocab list1
php atom dates rfc 33391
poem bravery in love1
etag: w/""1
songs about cowardliness1
how to seperate lines in php1
content-type parameter quoted-string1
xhtml html php switch1
confusion emo poetry1
theora submarine1
wordpress rfc 33391
rot47 array of char1
ometer progress1
php parse csv line breaks1
what do i do if fancy someone and am too shy to ask them out1
httpd windows-12521
wordpress rfc33391
menage a trois literal translation1
x-ud http header1
unicode substring php1
what the fuck must i do1
how much do i lust someone1
poem with annoyed tone1
"i write too much" bother1
emo poem describing hate1
standard grade exams 20071
"ibs ccds"1
poems "moving on from the past"1
looking for menage a trois partners1
how do i know i'm hetrosexual1
utf8 to unicode php1
fatal error invalid utf-8 string wordpress1
poems about refusing to love someone1
why why love1
assuming everyone is hetrosexual1
if rand php1
relative url replacement preg_replace1
why does god make some people homosexual1
menage partners1
simplepie a feed could not be found at1
http etag incorrect1
what does sp decoder mean1
html5 video codec1
being surrounded by people yet alone1
emo quotation1
love dislike1
why is sexuality so confusing1
you annoy me poem1
fronts emo dark1
am i stupid or i am just paranoid the space bewteen insane and insecure1
substr unicode php1
rfc 3339 php date1
php base target1
preg_match alphabet liste1
lovely paranoia1
strip bom character php1
how does sexuality affect work / pay1
the ones that matter the most hurt you in the end1
i had my friends ask you out for me song lyrics1
sexuality doesn't matter1
function get_path($1
"get_path" in php1
does she love me but won't admit it1
im horny1
at the end of the day what matters is what is on my mind1
1 at standard grade english1
are we meant to be together test1
2008 wordpress plugins1
lighttpd content-md51
what does sexuality for you?1
etag, w/,1
convert 864 to unicode1
resin no content-encoding header1
reading html headers dom1
im a different person when i`m horny1
causes of bravery1
php is_unicode utf81
css 3 spec border-radius1
cant get out of depression untill i get a boyfriend1
.iso-8859-15 ihs1
php trim feff1
nginx etag1
essay for starting school a hour later1
essay for starting school a hour later and going to work1
opaque tag etag1
text-shadow + html + firefox1
explode line-break1
standard grade latin past papers1
love latter matter1
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789 _-.()1
simplepie "<source>" tag1
take me love1
get me an essay about anything1
input path relatif php1
cope with new people1
php substr unicode1
poems jesus help me1
does it matter if i think i'm attractive1
http parsing specification1
firefox "text shadow"1
love causes hurt1
php resolve "relative path"1
emo writings about love1
target a path with an input1
firefox text shadows1
ogg and html 5 conflict1
public-extension http header1
text shadows in firefox 21
2007 standard grade english results1
alex lifeson parent1
speeches sports day1
using ajax to replace text in a page1
text-shadow gecko1
"jamie rees" htaccess1
what causes bravery1
im shy how do i ask her out1
etags quoted http1
i love you desire1
text-shadow in gecko1
sports day speech1
"x-inkt" http header1
why does sexuality make people different1
ménage à trois1
bisexual menage trois1
1045 convert to unicode1
when love leads to hatred1
take me to love1
does love cause hate1
shadow text1
does love matter in relationships1
simplexmlelement::__construct() [function.simplexmlelement---construct]:1
php rfc 3339 format date1
how do you know it's more than friendship homo1
''submarine patent'' and definition1
speech on school sports day1
is_unicode php function1
i dont feel mature enough for a relationship1
poems, song lyrics about depression, suicide, bullying1
echo command switches1
simplepie json1
love lust depression1
discrimination stories about someone's sexuality1
php pack binary unicode1
if-none-match server: sun one web server 6.11
echo commands switches1
924 xfd1
strtotime rfc33391
love causes pain. true1
php switch "case <8"1
depressing poetry by emos1
php unicode binary to utf81
speechs on sports day1
you fill me up with so much lust1
sports day speech1
new surroundings1
get current uni code in php1
ogg light bulbs1
preview.dlg object doesn't support1
20 august 2008 standard grade results1
explode csv1
software newer version1
slitting wrist rhyme1
gsnedders emo1
4 stanzas emo poems1
php csv page break1
unicode php1
unpublished emo poetry1
unicode fffd php replace1
stuff fuck1
thttpd set-cookie1
rot47 string1
it's just sexuality1
write a description about myself examples1
"replace author" wordpress plugin1
i am asexual person?1
php convert utf 16le1
menage a trois experiences1
want to settle down but partner does not1
arguments about love and hate1
parse php format rfc33391
why would a girls feelings change toward me1
php unicode decoder class1
php explode line break mac1
nginx header length text/html1
explode page break delimiter1
php base path1
how to be mentally strong(poem)1
oh therapy can you please fill a void1
hot to go on tagged at school1
how to menage a trois1
what does religion have to do with sexuality1
1 year ago you left love poems1
php: rfc-33391
is their any religion where it doesn't matter if your homosexual?1
why can't i just ask her out1
"sqlstate[hy000] [2003]"1
sexuality matter1
what right does a hetrosexual person have to judge a homosexual1
rot47 php function1
standard grade latin1
wordpress html-4 ob_start1
i can"t get my mind off you1
why after <li></li> line breaks in firefox1
function to return rfc 33391
why is she so shy around me1
php explode linebreaks1
aipby b1
suicide love shyness1
vocalist of green day is bisexual1
fuck desire1
bisexual homosexual hetrosexual no sexuality1
url target path1
ssd mac1
css3 border properties1
embperl 2.3.0 headers content type1
"leaving wordpress" "prepared statements"1
what is a +hetrosexual person1
why does life get complicated when you think you gay1
asking her out poems1
screwed over web development1
year doctype introduced1
poem ask her out1
can't get you off my mind poem1
304 unicode1
php string utf16 decode1
not liking girls sexually as much as you used to1
poem about bravery of love1
what love causes?1
preg_replace relative urls1
zealdweb php1
death poem extreme emo1
how to print the whole number in csv + php1
call_user_func_array cgi1
object does not support this property or method javascript "print()" preview.dlg1
http header "x-content"1
decode unicode php1
rfc3339 in php1
fancy her smile too nervous to talk to her1
php rfc33391
best video format1
object doesn't support this property or method preview.dlg1
seattletimes rss1
microsoftsharepointteamservices http header1
simple pie + count1
nouns to describe darkness1
love emo poems1
problem to get the data to next page in firefox using ajax form1
still sexually confused at 281
gecko firefox1
how to parse a date in hour,min,sec php1
someone ask you something you should say yes to lyrics1
unicode_decode + utf-81
ie8 broken website1
how to change a light bulb1
oh love "i know"1
cause hetrosexuality1
thomson ticket desk south terminal gatwick1
how to change light bulbs1
why must we love today and to be hurt tomorrow1
gay thoughts only when im horny1
screwed over poems1
writing causes you pain1
double rot13 decrypter1
i love her but do i lust her?1
cannot view site ie81
why does some people get discriminated in their sexuality1
its the person you fall for not the sexuality1
simplepie raw xml1
"love leads to"1
a me poem describing myself1
love causes men to cry1
trim off final blank character using php1
php break csv into array1
you can't even imagine how shy i am1
php implementation function is_unicode1
x-host http header1
why does it matter? gay1
php rot131
where does wordpress get the time?1
smoother border radius in firefox1
how to print out doctype javascript1
love causes suicide1
header x-hacker1
emo cause of suicide1
unicode php decode1
prototype get version browser switch1
does human sexuality shapre society1
ie8 <canvas>1
why does it matter who we love?? man or woman? why label people1
what does love lead to1
ie7 ie8 quick switch1
path segments preg_match1
the fields of elysium poem1
windows-1252 header1
get string without quotes1
how to stop feeling paranoid1
win-1251 content-type1
sportsday speech1
what is ie81
description of myself1
making assumption1
ie8 background problems1
emo poem suicide1
preg_match replace fragment1
description of myself1
http etag w/1
php rot471
love causes happiness1
php commands switch case1
csv delimiter escape1
does it matter if i can't say1
ogg submarine patent1
ie8 breaks usd1
gecko 1.9 shadow1
lotus content-type: text/xml; charset=windows-12511
gecko support for text-shadow1
fonction date rfc33391
command switch1
policyref lighttpd1
header content-encoding php windows-12521
what is meant by lustful love1
firefox text shadow 2.01
http header resourcetag1
oracle_web_listener 3.0.2 http1
0xfffe in php1
charset utf-8 windows-12521
jetty x-powered-by1
lust is being mentally disturbed1
http etag ie1
windows-1250 and iso-8859-2 and domino1
php rfc 3339 date atom1
utf16 decode +php1
strtotime replacement functions1
how to tell when you are being lied to1
im horny and i want to text someone and tell them that i want them1
does sexual experience matter1
trident ie81
demandware rfc1
nginx perlbal1
seems like everyone hates me poem1
a girl wants to ask me out at work i like her too i am so shy around her1
etag w/"1
utf-16be surrogate pair to a unicode code point1
text shadow firefox1
emo poetry songs sentences1
does homosexuality affect the way you think of someone1
people's sexuality1
iterate through utf-8 string php1
"un ménage á trois"1
gecko 1.8.1 example1
switch bad coding practice1
"love causes hate" poem1
$day_name hungarian1
"complete path segment"1
internet explorer 81
desires part 21
xhtml 21
save function unicode data in php1
poetry to love is to hate to hate is to love for if you dont love you must hate1
poem "are we meant to be"1
depressing emo skins poems1
rfc 3339 date atom php1
does it matter if you homosexuality1
creating text shadow in firefox1
thoughts of knives depression1
thoughts of knives with depression1
http header machine id1
commands switch case1
cp1250 encoding apache 2.21
if command switch1
php delimiter line break1
php if begins with alphabet1
ie8 jscript error "property or method"1
ie8 html switch1
emo site of death in my life of desire1
mongrel header charset1
rfc-3339 atom php1
php is_string unicode1 2008 email contact of test +911
you`re only gonna end up getting hurt1
rot47 html1
remove www prefix php1
emo girls get fucking1
php if x begins with then else1
ie8 breaks application1
charset "win 1251" header iis1
valid etag1
invalid utf crush1
rfc-3339 + php1
why am i so shy around everyone at school1
lotus domino content-type: text/xml characterset1
how does sexuality shape a person1
http header x-hostname1
e-tag with nginx1
love and hate persue poem1
unicode u+fffd +php1
hetrosexual men lack of attraction female1
nginx cookie21
nginx charset=cp1251 utf-81
emo bullying poems1
hetrosexual assumptions1
css menu child selector1
does homosexuality matter1
litespeed expires header1
ms-author-via domino1
php rfc3339 parse1
sex doesn't matter bisexual animal kingdom1
elysium fields1
pushed to the limit poem1
explode by linebreak1
como crear un widget uwa1
emo poem rhyme1
php date rfc-33391
text shadow css gecko support1
hgwebdir summary1
convert unicode to 9281
mktime() mt_rand1
teen jelousy1
emo poem for their friends1
etag quote1
i'm can't help if i still love you poems1
what is an emo in the darkness1
header('content-type: text/html; charset=cp12501
php rand command1
make a website1
ie8 multiple1
fancying people, paranoia1
emo paranoid poem1
some emo heart break poem1
who wrote a poem that says i will show you parts of myself1
object doesn't support this property or method+ie81
ie8 switch1
jesus help me with lust1
passing feed url simplepie1
most teenagers arent in love1
unicode codepoint1
http header weblogic html1
why love matters1
w3c doctype opt-in1
"object doesn't support" sifr1
"codec is" nokia1
x-header charset1
header "window-target" servlet1
css firefox text-shadow1
unicode codepoint to utf-161
xhtml text/html1
emo poetry love heartbreak1
how to be hetrosexual1
text-shadow mozilla or gecko or firefox1
split the alphabet encryption1
sexuality discrimination is wrong because1
header data content-type: content-length:1
lighttpd content-type #<1
can't get you off of my mind poetry1
ie8 gecko1
annoyed love poem1
there's nothing to do when i'm horny1
oh iw what "you do to me"1
homosexual hetrosexual bisexual1
pack (unicode) php1
to assume hetrosexuality1
wondering about my sexuality teen1
love causes death poems1
effectively slitting wrists1
ibm_http_server/ weblogic1
sexuality doesnt matter1
my teacher said yes when i asked her out1
"object doesn't support this property or method"+"ie8"1
text-shadow css firefox gecko1
"the future is asking me to be in the dark"1
header(`content-type: text/html; charset: windows-1255`);1
menage a trois1
php convert %ufffd1
the fields of elysium1
does love cause dreams?1
px2em table1
desire part 11
compression-control http header1
poem about putting the past behind you1
fffd wordpress1
i cant get you off my mind poems1
emo poem of darkness1
cocoon http header set charset1
my teens1
why does it have to be me? poem1
what sexuality does for people?1
breaking heart emo poem1
hate love and lust poems1
standard grade results1
get them and fuck them hard1
suicide mind emo1
php date rfc 33391
moving on you said that you were no longer in love with me and i1
gecko, text-shadow1
emo loneliness poem1
causes talking1
how long does it take to bleed to death slit wrists1
windows internet explorer object doesn't support this property or method no line number not an all machines1
proxy-connection http header1
html tag name valid characters1
ie8 windows 20001
html парсер xhtml php1
no one is 100% hetrosexual1
fuck how do you ask her out1
radius divs css31
fffd + php + string1
when are quotation marks are not required around a string field in php1
if you love someone let them go if they come back there yours1
konqueror search suitable codec1
lovely paronia msn1
define http 4041
double rot13 php1
search strings1
"x-fb-" header1
fuck life poems1
"love is hate" poem1
hetrosexual physical attraction1
php strtotime rfc 33391
http-header ttl1
rot47 on email address1
firefox 2 text shadows1
percentage of sites xhtml1
"text-shadow" firefox1
utf-32 decode php1
ie8 ogg1
php unicode codepoint1
love tester gif1
iis 6.0 http header content-md51
knives to use in wrist slitting1
http://h.g 370 /20081
valid etags quoted string1
php convert char to three-byte unicode char1
what is the difference between base path and relative path api1
she is too shy to speak to me1
iconv invalid character 3161
what causes girls feelings to change1
sneddon switch ie1
speech on school sports day1
text-shadow in firefox1
i am worthless1
valid characters in an html tag nmw1
hetrosexuality a natural preference1
take me to love1
place data from csv into an array with php1
php substr unicode1
green day homophobic1
gecko 1.9 text-shadow1
extreme script rot131
ereg_replace simplepie1
stipping quotation marks from strings1
you wouldn't take me down poems1
php date rfc 3339 atom1
weblogic windows-12571
php unpack unicode1
"support for text-shadow"1
how does sexuality make people different1
"content is the ui"1
hack ie application/xhtml+xml1
emo poems about jumping off buildings1
http entity1
php xml entities decode &amp; &apos;1
coremedia cacheable1
hg diff unicode1
what jscript version does ie8 use1
this dream will end emo1
frameset trident quirks1
w in entity different1
how to make websites1
+"powered by habari"1
making xhtml work within ie81
2008 macworld rumors1
x-header parsing in php1
rfc-3339 date php1
http header proxy-connection1
tigershark httpd 3.0.1281
greenday homophobic1
overview of bugs1
speech + sports day1
"<!doctype public "-//w3c//dtd html 4.01 " " + ie71
why does society use the labels hetrosexual and homosexual1
firefox command switches1
webkit border radius1
simplepie duplicate1
knives that are best for slitting wrists1
stanza about emo1
ie8 html href=1
x-hacker http header1
simplepie limiting number of items1
chm "object doesn't support" ie71
apache/2.0.46 set-cookie21
php, input buffer1
+etag +"w/"1
homosexual and hetrosexual differances1
"mutability of time" poetry1
set-cookie2 weblogic1
kill me know emo poems1
compare quoted string param1
emo description of myself1
ibm_http_server image/jpeg1
my mind is full of your thoughts1
south park hetrosexual1
reserved keywords xhtml1
hetrosexuality and homosexuality1
http difference strong and weak etag1
unicode_decode utf-81
poetry - putting the past behind you1
sports day opening speech1
menage a trois men sex1
gsnedders lilith1
php explode paragraph delimiter1
how to kill shyness and consciousness1
ie8 border-radius1
gfe/1.3 spider1
html 5 media ogg1
what causes love?1
php rot261
great speeches on spoorts day1
chm ie7 "object doesn't support"1
teenagers interested in homosexuality1
+set +cookie +osu +webserver1
text-shadow firefox bugzilla1
emo rhyme scheme1
"i want nothing but you"1
cp1251 apache header1
content-language: nginx1
how does sexuality make people different1
wordpress contributors1
content-type: text/xml; charset=windows-12541
line break in csv1
http entity tags (etags)1
ie8 canvas element1
css3’s border-radius property1
"i cannot ask"1
i feel cumfortable1
put array csv ühü1
lighttpd cache-expires1
gsnedders photo1
xml errors due to characters in attributes1
rot13 improve php1
encrypt str_rot131
\ufeff php1
http header x-cache-lookup1
adding p3p headers +ihs1
http using entity tags1
why is sexuality important1
u+fffd php1
married at sixteen1
she fucking hates me poems1
http entity %281
http header x-varnish1
x-content-type filter1
firefox text shadowing1
wordpress atom 1.01
quotes about a high school sweetheart1
utf ufeff1
php word_count utf1
domino "cache control" +nix1
function mysql2date(1
httpheader ruby "text/xml"1
php format rfc 33391
ogg + html + ie1
switch d$ switch commands1
ie8 +"switches"1
microsoftofficewebserver microsoftsharepointteamservices1
text shadows firefox or gecko1
parse rfc3339 in php1
does it matter if you go to school?1
gecko "text shadow"1
perhaps /poem1
funny quotes about light bulbs1
rot13 php skript1
php define mysql default delimiter1
put a csv into an array in php1
lovely paronia1
switch command + /z1
fffd ie javascript1
emo love sentence1
lotus domino 5 tis-6201
rot47 function in python1
emo rhetorical questions1
why am i emo quotes1
nginx sets x-powered-by1
emo poetry uses a combination of any of: a highly emotional tone, stream of consciousness writing, a simple (abab) or nonexistent rhyme scheme1
c laguage commands switch1
csv set delimiter php1
"jonathan rascher" wordpress1
bisexual menage1
php6 "unicode_semantics()"1
prefer homosexual hetrosexual1
teenage girls+hetrosexuality1
firefox 2 shadows1
substr +unicode1
x-cache-lookup http header definition1
%ufffd php1 sneddon, lynnwood1
server yts apache header1
kiss me then fuck off1
text-shadow ie71
php encrypt rot131
php date rfc 33391
firefox +"text shadow"1
bug text-shadow firefox1
java parsing last-modified http header1
http content type charset quoted value1
ie8 switch css mode1
jetty content-encoding latin1
<canvas> support ie81
fffd javascript1
javascript firefox text shadow1
firefox 2 gecko1
emo lust poem1
she hates me poems1
why does it matter to people if teens are homosexual1
three-byte utf8 sequence ("\xef\xbf\xbd"),1
webkit moz border-radius1
oh' take me please1
<?php if(empty($1
http x-mod-choke1
i am slightly emo poem1
sports opening day speech1
x-server http header1
"x-server" http header -"os x" -xorg1
ie8 breaks the web1
etag: w/1
php utf-16le decoding1
why "leaving wordpress" matt better problems1
geoffrey lust1
how does love cause weakness?1
header('content-type: text/xml charset=utf8');1
c language switch case command1
http header content-type win-12511
"etag: w/"1
javascript split error "object doesn't support this property"1
unicode from_utf81
suicide by bleeding to death1
ie8 text-shadow1
switch case bad coding practice1
entity tags firefox1
"gecko 1.8.1" + download1
php rfc-33391
ahigh school sweatheart1
&apos; ie81
rot-47 alphabet1
character reference ideas1
switch (rand() % 4 == 0)1
be holy: the forgotten command1
i love you emo poetry1
koi8 icewarp1
gen src1
php date convert rfc 33391
kiss me tease me u2 lyrics1
holiday green homophobic1
clear string with u+fffd php1
content-type: application/rss+xml; charset=iso-8859-41
poem about being in love and loving the asshole1
msn unicode decoder1
php unicode files1
lovesick what to do1
switch case command c1
causes of love1
date to rfc 3339 php1
gsnedders unicode php1
javascript htmldocument svgdocument reference1
mb_convert_encoding "replacement character"1
geoffrey sneddon mydb1
rot-47 php1
convert unicode with php1
fgetcsv escape1
xheader zeus1
php unicode fffd1
how to do a command switch1
content-encoding windows-1250 header1
ogg html 51
homosexual male sex with hetrosexual female1
x-track http header1
i want to know everything about trident their product1
haker de del 2008 trident actualizado1
love hate poems1
file extension gedt1
php parse rfc 3339 date1
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="shift_js"?>1
rfc-3339 php date1
unicode php chr1
http content-type charset double quotes1
just happy a new...neither do1
hack apache/2.0.52-chs-11
does every hetro have bi thoughts?1
php parse csv to mysql check latest time1
ie8 meta tag trident switch1
manage trois literal translation1
entity tag length1
"\ufeff" php remove1
php csv line breaks1
love hate poems with the theme love hate1
suicide how to bleed to death in minutes1
relative time ago php1
haet love poem1
thttpd encoding windows-12501
break command switch1
how long does it take to bleed to death from slitting your wrists1
rot47, php1
formula 1 water bottles1
lighttpd/1.5.0 content-type text/plain iso1
document type does not allow element "object" here; missing one of "p", "h1", "h2", "h3", "h4", "h5", "h6", "div", "address", "fieldset", "ins", "del" start-tag1
fuck you i can do it myself poem1
audio embed html51
str_rot47 php1
entity parametrieren http -dtd -xml1
moz webkit radius differences1
how to use xhtml1
love why it matters1
if else use of switch command1
jesus, take me into your arms,1
rfc 3339 php date1
scripte de rot13 php1
multi switching for ie81
ie8 frameset1
"powered by habari"1
http etag parameter1
official formula1.page1
applications entity tag1
rot13 php script1
how does sexuality affects man?1
fags habar1
strtr 0123456789+/=1
firefox 3 odd entity fffd1
"http parsing" header1
complex switch php function_exists $unique1
does love causes embarrassment1
u+fffd trim php1
elementtree iter1
entity-tag weak1
"html 5" codec1
everything looks broken in ie81
what are you if you arent homosexual or hetrosexual1
php unicode file1
etag w1
x-host: http header1
ie8 noncompliant1
x-host: http header1
moz shadow + firefox +css31
wordpress doctype1
switch rand(1,10)1
theora patents1
opencms content-type text/xml1
weak entity tag1
rebranding ie1
ie8 cannot access sites1
rhyme poem emo1
what is proxy-connection http header1
set ii6 entity tag1
text shadow in ie81
"fragment match"1 header('content-type: application/xml; charset="utf8"'1
claiming a love1
iis entity tag1
switch random php1
what is switch command in c language1
rot47 leads the way1
switch command + c language1
f1 20081
"never have a girlfriend"1
dark nouns1
rot13 rot471
cause me to lust1
set delimiter line break mysql1
rfc3339 date php1
php csv mac linebreak1
geoff sneddon1
why does society look down on gays1
mercurial unicode byte order mark1
unsafe javascript exception to initiate a navigation to the frame + safari1
text shadows for firefox1
javascript+charcter only1
why does sexuality matter1
ibm_http_server/ apache/2.0.471
causes for love1
target path php1
take me oh1
ie8 xhtml doctype issues1
"fallback page1
switch case using program 56 cases1
916 unicode1
ie8 canvas1
x-cache-ttl x-cached-time1
hate poems1
border radius webkit1
ie8 same-time1
ie8 position hack1
why love perfect1
parse rfc 3339 php1
swich random php1
etag quoted string1
percentage of men 100% hetrosexual1
.#852 unicode1
php strip fffd characters1
echo countdown1
emo girls lookin 4 emo girlfriends msn1
"sun one" expires header1
thttpd "set-cookie" "content-language" apache1
what is hate?1
what will happen to websites without a doctype1
search string1
nginx x-cache-lookup1
la pagina web actual shdoclc.dll1
unicode_decode examples + php1
unicode save php1
object doesn't support this property or method chm1
ie8 frameset problem1
xml ampersand user input1
hgwebdir php1
litespeed text/html instead of text/xml1
switch rand in c1
php rfc3339 to date1
php + date + rfc 33391
php relative path base1
http x-cache-ttl1
webkit blog border-radius1
entity tags1
internet explorer script error line 14011
"x-header-set-id" http header1
translation of menage a trois1
php rand switch1
changed fuck1
nginx/0.5.7 хакер1
resolving relative urls in php1
"don't go to finland"1
php abcdefghijklmnop1
firefox tiny boxes fffd1
php +escape linebreaks for csv1
bullying emo poetry1
fffd in php1
need of the switch1
+unicode issues1
get unicode value of 6671
webkit border radius1
replacing u+fffd php1
where does xml store input1
rot47 tr1
php rfc 33391
iterate through an htmloptionscollection1
html interoperability1
format rfc 3339 php1
"depressing adjectives"1
emo poem hearts pain1
translate menage a trois1
lust pain thrill quote1
emo poems or quotation1
causes of being an emo1
what does poetry seek to achieve1
love is hate hate is love1
"entity: line 1: parser error : start tag expected, '<' not found in"1
canvas element in ie81
"bye unicode.semantics"1
php create rfc33391
creating rfc3339 with php1
hetrosexual and finding other men attractive1
rot47 php1
utf-8 entity tags1
php rfc 3339 parsing1
wordpress theme habari port1
encrypting alphabetic php1
no sex leads too1
http content-encoding parsing1
"neil kelty"1
post date1
including unicode files with php1
iis 6.0 entity tags1
convert from utf-16be to utf8 in php1
weblogic +pics headers1
"love causes"1
"love causes suicide"1
relationship between love and hatred1
"css3" border in firefox1
char #636 = u+fffd1
php replace relative urls1
mysql "%(60 * 60)) / 60)" as char1
list command-switch cat1
php "rand()%2"1
start tag expected, '<' not found in entity1
"gecko 1.8" vs "gecko 1.9" details javascript css1
544 unicode1
i'm sixteen and why am i so horny1
php u+fffd replace1
how to text shadow firefox1
hetrosexual sex stories1
ms949 domino1
ie8 problems major sites1
content-type: text/xml; charset=latin-11
tag b + php + csv1
php search for linebreak strpos1
doctype switch in ie81
use of content-location header1
firefox + text-shadow1
content-md5 lighttpd1
habari line-break to break tag1
nginx iso-8859-21
"php" and "rfc3339"1
ie8 ecma-2621
createimagedata canvas html5 javascript1
php parse rfc 33391
servage expires header1
parser error : start tag expected, '<' not found1
html standard conformance switch1
convert unicode 238 to unicode1
microsoftsharepointteamservices valid www-authenticate values1 brave1
why does love matter1
switch command php1
domino ms9491
rfc 3339 date format php1
entity: line 1: parser error : start tag expected1
theora html 5 removed1
c switch case command1
ms-author-via add header1
utf-8 x-header1
simplexmlelement + start tag expected, '&lt;' not found1
entity-tag quotation marks1
mongrel content-location1
caracter 0xfffd php1
entity: line 1: parser error : start tag expected, '&lt;' not found1
valid http header name lws1
sports day speech1
\ufeff mbstring1
http header compression-control1
mbstring "surrogate pair"1
"http header" microsoftsharepointteamservices1
xhtml &apos ie1
utf-8 entity tag1
windows-1251 header1
who does sexuality matter1
ie8 css3 border-radius1
what is hate1
php parse rfc33391
xml valid chars php1
speech on sportsday at school1
webbrowser htmlselectelement children1
"number of videos on the web"1
php unicode strip invalid characters function1
u+fffd php read file1
php rfc 3339.1
"age of majority in scotland"1
iconv add bom1
for you i desire punctuation1
convert "unicode codepoint" with iconv1
css3 "border-radius" support1
i was too scared of getting hurt1
gears webworkers1
rot47 rot131
explode csv and escape commons1
program /d command switch1
preg_replace command switch1
header('content-type: application/xml; charset=iso-8859-9');1
firefox text-shadow bugzilla1
im a failure poetry dark and depressing1
gsnedders header1
opencms windows-12511
list of standard grade 2008 results1
2008 standard grade results1
text-shadow firefox1
unicode for chr(146)1
pseudo-classes cssom1
php substring unicode1
menage e trois bisexuality1
php rfc3339 parser1
unicode_decode replacement character1
standard grades results recent1
hate leads to love poem1
php date array january janvier1
php parse rfc 3339 dates1
html5 shadow1
"object doesn't support" shdoclc.dll/preview.dlg error1
php rot471
"firefox 2" border-radius1
libxml2 "line feed"1
emo adjectives1
// free memory $wpdb->get_var1
why ignore me pome1
html5 datatemplate example1
php loop through csv change save1
php date atom rfc33391
html5 canvas buffer save restore translate1
etree iter1
move options javascript ie81
lift me up above why don't you tell me something true i believe1
studies grade results1
firefox "html 5" video ogg h264 blog patent1
ie + trident + mosaic1
php strpos find letter in alphabet1
rot47 script code1
standard grade1
concentrichost-ashurbanipal/1.8 iis1
fbug bug tracker1
weblogic content-location header1
can a gay person live a hetrosexual life?1
http www-authenticate: lasso1
content-location parsing1
javascript slice "internet explorer" "object doesn't support"1
trident xhtml1
html 5 ogg1
apache keep alive1
bad request (invalid header name)1
love causes1
content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-15 set-cookie:1
ie8 chm breaks1
ie8 "object doesn't support this property or method"1
iis http-date1
ie8 switches1
ie8 browser hacks1
ie8, switches1
intitle:"index.of me" jpg1
needs of xhtml1
php rand switch case1
standard grade results 20051
php rfc3339 format1
webkit css 31
"entity tags" tutorial1
what does ie8 have that i need1
"relationship between love and hate" -othello1